Poolians Real Pool 3D

Poolians Real Pool 3D 1.79

Play various 2D and 3D pool games against online opponents
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Poolians Real Pool 3D is a free game that will allow you to play pool against online opponents.
In order to be able to use the system, you must obtain a free account. The program lets you do that. Once it is done, you will enter the main window. You can then choose if you want to go to the Practice Room, or one of the other rooms.

Each room has a series of tables. You can watch a match, if the pool has two players, invite a player to play with you, if there is only one player, or sit on an empty table, and wait till another player invites you to play.

When playing a game, you will have to observe the 8-Ball rules. This game has an added rule: if you pot another ball than the one you hit with the white ball, that ball counts, but you are not allowed to shoot again.

You will be able to view the game in 3D, rotate the table, look up or down and shoot by pressing the CTRL key and moving the mouse. While playing, you can also chat with your opponent. At the end of each game you will have the opportunity to play another game, or abandon the table.

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